Six Good Luck Charms That Work

The world can be a confusing and chaotic place to live in. As we move through many changes in both our political, economic, and social lives, more and more people are looking for answers. What can you do when it seems as though the world is against you? How can you land that job you really want when it seems as though you only ever have bad luck?

Science often tells us that the universe is much like a machine, but as human beings, it’s hard to grasp this concept. Life seems to be filled with patterns at times, and if we could just hold onto one of those patterns, we might find that our lives suddenly improve and our luck turns. But the question becomes how to manifest positive energy in your life? How can you improve your own fortune and get what you want out of life?

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You may not be the sort of person who is religious. You may not even believe in some higher power. But sometimes you just need a little break and a little good fortune to get by. When it seems as though the universe is against you, buying yourself a lovely little good luck charm might just be the boost that you need.

It needs to be said that not everyone believes in magic. This is a great pity, as magic can really turn the word from grey to pink and purple. But not all is lost, because there is actually some science behind good luck charms.

People often talk endlessly about the so-called law of attraction, but it actually turns out that objects that bring good luck, or objects that are supposed to bring good luck, can actually have that exact effect!

So, how can that even work if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t believe in ghosts and fairies? It turns out that repeated experiments back up the fact that when someone is carrying a good luck charm, they tend to have better luck. They get more opportunities, and meet new people. 

Belief may certainly have something to do with this for some people. If you absolutely believe in magic and that some objects will give you more luck, chances are that you’ll unconsciously engineer your life and your environment to be better and filled with greater opportunities.

But what about people who don’t believe in this stuff at all? How might it work for them? The science is clear on this as well. It turns out that even if you don’t believe in the power of good luck charms, your so-called luck is still improved. This is because the charm you’re wearing that looks so good on you can improve your confidence. When you feel better about yourself, you’re more likely to have better luck and access to more opportunities. In a way, that’s really the law of attraction at work!

Good Luck Charms That Can Work Wonders for You

Now that we know that good luck charms can actually have a positive impact on your life, here are six of the best charms that won’t break the bank that can change your life:

For some people, a black cat might be a sign of bad luck, but for cat people, any cat is a sure sign of improving fortunes! That’s why this cute black cat good luck charm is so appealing.

Apart from a super cute design, the pin itself is made from durable metal and has a polished enamel front. The two pins on the back hold it tightly in place, whether you choose to put it on a hat, on a shirt, or even on your favorite carry bag.

This is one cute little black cat that will surely appeal to lots of cat people, especially if they also have a black cat at home. And with the words “good luck” written right on the front, you know this little feline is going to attract all of the good opportunities you need in your life.

Did you know that in some parts of the world, elephants are considered to bring good luck and fortune? The story behind this cute little silver elephant is that he can be carried around in your pocket just for when you need him.

At only a single inch in size, this good luck elephant has a story to tell. In fact, he comes with a neat little story card and would make a fantastic gift for the person who seems to have everything, or for a friend who might be a bit down on their luck at the moment.

Have you ever tried to harness the universal power of chi energy? That’s what this amazing bracelet offers you.

In Chinese culture, Feng Shui is the art of harnessing chi energy by ensuring that one’s environment is arranged in such a way as to allow it to flow harmoniously. This bracelet contains obsidian, among other stones, which attracts strong positive energy in mystical Buddhism.

This is a talisman that has been designed to attract wealth, good health, and great opportunity into your life. If you want to know how to attract good luck and wealth, buy this bracelet and find out how it can help you open up your world.

The toad with a Chinese coin in its mouth has been used as a symbol of good luck in China for a very long time. It may look strange to some people, but this golden toad with a coin on the back of an elephant is a great way to bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

Do you have a home business that needs a boost? Why not get this duo of toad and elephant and bring some luck into your life?

This real four leaf clover has been preserved in resin so that you can carry it around whenever you need it. In fact, you could even carry it around in your purse or handbag.

This is a lovely good luck charm with all of the flavor of the luck of the Irish. To make it even better looking, there is a nice mix of tourmaline stones inside the resin which imparts that purely magical look that can inspire so many people.

Maneki Neko is the “beckoning cat” all the way from Japan who brings good luck into the life of the owner. This welcoming little cat is often seen in Japanese and Chinese shops and homes because it’s believed that the cat waves in the good fortune.

Just remember these things about Maneki Neko: a raised right paw means that he’s waving in good fortune to your life; a raised left paw means that he’s attracting customers to your store. Sometimes, you’ll see Maneki Neko with both paws raised and waving.

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