Manifest Wealthiness Great Health Happiness Tranquility

Manifest Wealthiness Great Health Happiness Tranquility

Our mind movies are made with:

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Subliminal message

Creates positive impressions in your mind with flashing subliminal messages using color psychology

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To optimize the mood, we utilize solfeggio frequencies in our mind movies to magnify the Hz in order to correctly prep the mind
(Use Headphones!)

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Positive visualization is key, but for some of us… this is not so easy.  I scour the internet for the best & appropriate visuals to reinforce a positive mindset

and it will always be:

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free to watch
My videos are created for educational purposes and will always be free. The amount I can pump these out depends solely on my free time.

Higher Self messages...

From the greatest figures of our contemporary time. Sure… they’re no Socrates, Alan Watts, Albert Einstein or considered geniuses. But… they’ve achieved incredible feats in their lives… raised above all others (that are also considered “crème de la crème” in their particular industry).

How did they get to where they are now? We only get to see glimpses of their glamorous lifestyle once they’ve “made” it, but not how they got there… We, the HsC crew, are here to show you what it takes… in their words… how you too can achieve all that you want, if you just adopt the right