Why Is Law of Attraction Not Working for Me?

Have you ever wondered why the law of attraction fails in your life? 

Let me paint a picture for you: you’ve just found out about the law of attraction, most likely during a period when things haven’t exactly been ideal for you. You’ve felt all the waves of excitement, hope, and disbelief that come with your new discovery and you decide to immediately put it to the test in order to change your life for the better. Most likely, you’ve set a big goal that is important to you: a new job, more money, a romantic relationship.

You do all the work. You visualize every night, you say your affirmations in the morning and during your commute, you do things that make you feel good – heck, you don’t even need things to make you feel good! You think that the mere knowledge that you’re going to get what you want raises your vibration – as we say in LOA slang – sky high! You’re in the right mind space. You even feel the joy as if your desire has already been fulfilled. You wait one day, two days, a week, a month. And… nothing happens.

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You start getting doubts. Are all those success stories you read or heard of a scam? Is the law of attraction real in the first place? Or even worse, do you believe that the law of attraction seems to work, but only for other people? Is there something wrong with you? Maybe you’re just unlucky.

If you have found yourself in the above situations, worry not! These have all been my experiences for months after my first (conscious) efforts with the law of attraction! I started off feeling so hopeful in my desperation – I held on my newfound knowledge like dear life itself during a period of extreme pain and discomfort in my life. At the same time, I remained the sceptic that our positivist society had conditioned me to be. 

In this article, I’m sharing with you some tips on how to use the law of attraction effectively, resulting from my own research and manifestations!

I found out about LOA after I realized that my beliefs, fears and insecurities, had been the cause of the breakup of the most wonderful and important relationship in my life. At the time I was devastated, but also felt relief in the realization that, if I can cause negative things based on what I focus, I can also create positive ones.

The law of attraction isn’t just some technique or tool that you decide to use when you want to manifest something. It actually operates throughout your entire life, whether you like the idea of it or not. Your thoughts create every minute of your existence. Thankfully not instantly – imagine what would happen with all our fleeting irrational fears or every time we watched a horror movie! 

Our thoughts rather create through persistent focus. The universe, source, or the God you believe in, doesn’t have a moral compass or a mind of its own. It doesn’t give us what we want, or protect us from what we dread. Law of attraction simply photocopies what we focus on with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is therefore important to pay attention to them during the day. 

If you visualize and think positively of your desire for ten minutes, but worry about it for the rest of the day, you’re focusing on the negative. That doesn’t mean that you have to be fearful of negative thoughts that are going to occur, but it is important to keep them under control so that they don’t dominate your mindset.

At a first glance, it only makes sense to be attached to a desire that is so important to you. However, after doing your visualizing and setting your intentions, it is very important to let go, take your energy off of it, and get on with your life. 

Letting go doesn’t mean that you stop wanting the thing. It just means that you are confident enough that you already have it, so you stop worrying about the when and the how, and you allow it to unfold naturally, in its own appointed time and way.

Sometimes when you are attached, you try to control the process and the outcome. You are constantly checking to see if it’s here, if things have changed in the outside world, and that way you’re focusing more on the feeling of not having it yet. You notice the lack of it in your life, and by focusing on the lack, you’re only manifesting more of it.

Attachment sometimes leads to desperation. The more you feel like you can’t live without your desire and feel like you need it in order to breathe, the further away it will go. You wouldn’t be needy or desperate to have something you already had, say the house you live in or your current job. 

You have to trust that it is already here, detach and let the process breathe. Let go of the fear. Let go of the need to control, of the need to rationalize and predict the way it’s gonna come to you. Focus on manifesting smaller things so that you can build confidence in your creating skills and then be able to let go more easily!

Last but not least, try to ignore what you don’t like about your current circumstances. Remind yourself that they simply don’t matter, because they are the result of what you were focusing on in the past and can easily be changed.

Many people talk about instant manifestation. If you’re lucky it may happen to you, but more often than not this is not the case . A manifestation needs time to hatch just like a seed that is planted in the ground needs time to grow. Your manifestation may be on its way – it just isn’t here yet. 

Timing is different for everyone, because multiple things need to shift. Events seemingly unrelated to your manifestation will unfold, and eventually lead your desire to you. It may take a week. It may take a year. Be prepared to remain patient, and try your best to by happy before you receive your desire! You can’t put all possibility for happiness on your manifestation, because that leads to attachment and neediness.

Stop checking outside of you for indications or asking people, your horoscope or psychics for reassurance. You wouldn’t open the oven door every two minutes to check on a cake if you were waiting for it to be baked !

The only reassurance that you’re doing the right work is in your feelings, so ask yourself, how do you feel when it comes to your desire? If you feel happy with the way your life is right now, secure, trusting and self reliant, if you’re focusing on the rights thoughts and beliefs, then rest assured that wonderful things are on their way to you!

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