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Hemi-Sync Product Review

Nowadays, meditation has become very popular and more and more people are joining the meditation scene. And, not only do people meditate at home, but companies have started incorporating meditation rooms and meditation classes are being taught in schools.

But, meditation is not just a trend. It is a mindfulness activity that truly works and all high performing athletes, CEOs, and all other people who meditate will confirm this. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, and enhance self-awareness. By gaining awareness of your mind you can improve your emotional health, lengthen your attention span, and even fight bad habits and addictions.

Even though all you need to meditate is some peace and quiet, people are trying to find ways to enrich this experience. One way to do it is by incorporating Hemi-Sync into your meditation sessions. Wondering what is Hemi-Sync? It is a brand that makes incredible meditation audio track which can boost your brainpower and make meditation easier and more effective.

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What is Hemi-Sync?

Hemi-Sync stands for hemispheric synchronization and this brand is the source of the largest online collection of content made exclusively to help you meditate, relax, focus, sleep and improve the overall quality of your life.

The company was created by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in researching how specific sound patterns have beneficial effects on human capability. During decades of long research, Monroe discovered and isolated combinations of frequency that induce sleep, invoke expanded states of consciousness and also enhance alertness.

Monroe decided to team up with specialists from various fields including biochemistry, education, electrical engineering, medicine, psychology, and psychiatry, and create Hemi-Sync, a patented audio technology. 

We mentioned that, during his research, Monroe discovered that specific sounds create a ‘frequency following response’ in the electrical activity of the brain. This discovery made Robert investigate how human consciousness works and how can sound impacts brain activity.

The audio-guidance process, which is included in all Hemi-Sync tracks, works by generating complex audio signals. The signals act together and create a resonance that is reflected in unique forms of brain waves, that are characteristic of specific states of consciousness. As a result, hemispheric synchronization occurs, or, in translation, you get more focused and your brain is fully activated.

Different sounds and signals can produce different brain states that will allow you to relax, focus, or pay attention. This state of mind is a perfect opportunity optimal for improving human performance since it makes both left and right brain hemispheres work together.

The secret for obtaining peak states of the brain is the symmetry, synchrony, harmony, and unity of both brain hemispheres. We tend to experience brain synchrony in daily life, but it usually lasts for a few brief moments. Hemi-Sync recordings will help prolong this state. Of course, the recordings do not contain any subliminal messages, so you will be in total control of your brain and your actions.

Still, find this confusing? Well, let us try to explain this to you once again by using not-so-scientific terms. Mr. Monroe discovered that there is a way to change and improve your brain state and brain performance with the help of sound or audio. This is how binaural beats work in general. However, what makes Hemi-Sync stand out from the competition is that their recordings match up both halves of your brain, boosting your state of focus more than standard binaural beats would.

Hemi-Sync allows you to safely alter your brain waves with sound frequencies so you could achieve maximum focus, relaxation, and assertiveness. When you hear the multi-layered patterns of sound from the Hemi-Sync recordings, your brain responds by producing a third sound (a binaural beat) that encourages the desired brain wave activity.

Binaural beating works in the following manner. A sound played in the left ear is heard as a single tone. A sound played in the right ear is also heard as a single tone. When played together the vibrato perceived is called binaural beating.

So, what does this mean for you? Well by combining these audio effects with music and verbal guidance found in the recordings, you will be able to experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states. Each recording is made by carefully selecting sound elements and integrating them with the appropriate Hemi-Sync sound frequencies.

Your brain controls all your body activities such as breathing, heart rate, emotion, memory, and learning. It is even thought to influence the immune system’s response to disease. The brain is the most complex living structure known in the universe and you should use its undiscovered power to your advantage.

Nobody knows what is the full potential of the brain, but, what we do know is that the brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is in charge of verbal skills, rational, logical, and analytical thinking. The right hemisphere, on the other hand, controls your visual/spatial skills, emotion, musical aptitude, intuition, and imaginative thought. Both spheres are essential and they complement each other. Your brain is the most powerful when both spheres are functioning together. However, this is only possible when you provide the much-needed stimulation to your brain, such as with the help of Hemi-Sync recordings.

The reason why Hemi-Sync is so popular is that many people recognized the benefits of the recordings.

Here is why you should go for and try out Hemi-Sync:

  • The selection of recordings is large. Every person can find the sounds that will appeal to them and fit their needs.
  • Hemi-Sync offers quite a bit of scientific data to back up the quality and effectiveness of their products. It is clear that the brand did a lot of research and testing so they could provide quality products to its customers.
  • The brand happens to be one of the original brainwave entrainment pioneers. Their founder has been studying this field for quite some time and has hired many brilliant people to work on his team.

The buyers mostly reported that they experienced less stress and anxiety, more creativity, relaxation, sharper focus and concentration, and deeper and easier sleep after listening to Hemi-Sync recordings.

Now that you know how Hemi  Sync works, the question is, does it work?

Does Hemi-Sync Actually Work?

Long story short, yes, it does. There are so many positive reviews and testimonials about the recordings which definitely prove that the audio signals really do affect the state of your brain and help you become a better version of yourself. 

Whether you’re just getting started with meditation, or you’ve been doing it for quite a while, Hemi-Sync can help you improve your experience. 

Beginners can benefit from using Hemi-Sync because it will help them focus and transcend limiting thoughts thanks to the guided meditation. Usually, the good old advice – just focus on your breathing – is not enough for beginners to reap the most out of meditation. However, with the help of Hemi-Sync, all you have to do is listen to the guide and enjoy the beat frequency. This combination will help you achieve a state of deep inner peace and remain centered.

However, if you consider yourself already a pro at meditating, Hemi-Sync has got quite a few recordings for you as well, that will help you advance your mindfulness. You can choose exercises that come with, but also without verbal guidance.

For example, if you choose metamusic, you will be able to achieve a deep meditative state faster and keep it for a longer period of time. After achieving such a state, other tracks deeply relax you or help you explore expanded states of awareness.

Currently, Hemi-Sync offers nearly 1000 different tracks that can help you boost your meditation and spiritual growth, creativity, sleep quality, and concentration. The recordings are available in multiple genres as well as multiple languages. So you can choose between recordings for reducing stress, helping you dream better, improving learning and memory, self-confidence, and many more!

P.S. Hemi-Sync offers some free samples as well, so make sure to check that out on their website!

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