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Coronavirus Scare, What to Do With All This Free Time?

With no direct treatment available, coronavirus has spread across the world causing a state of fear that hasn’t been seen in recent history. The fear of the virus is spreading faster than the virus itself – Fear lowers our vibration. It appears to me that the extreme anxiety and fear that is spreading through news and social media is creating extreme panic and terror in the majority of the human population lowering their vibration and decreasing their immunity.  Here’s our guide on how to manage the coronavirus aftermath without giving into fear.

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Take all the necessary precautions when you are traveling, currently undergoing treatment or if you haven`t left the house for a while due to fear. Always wash hands, maintain social distancing with others in public and remain calm. As there are no direct treatment methods available, prevention is key.

To contain the coronavirus, many cities have imposed self-imposed quarantine measures. Always be prepared, stock up on dry food. Think about what will be needed for your pets. If you are on any medication, buy enough for a couple of weeks. Don`t stock up food to last for years though. In some places, we have seen this ‘panic buy’ trend. Think of your essentials to last for a couple of weeks. 

When everyone else is in panic mode take time to be kind to them and listen to their fears. Reassure them and keep them calm. Be a worker of light. Let your faith be greater than your fear.

Several cities have reported a state of chaos when people try to buy everything off grocery stores. You do not have to stock up food for several years. Buy the necessary items. Be kind and helpful to others. Do not spread any unnecessary fake information which could cause mass panic.

If you are asked to leave the city/town that you live, make sure to think about your pets. If you cannot take them with you, leave dry food and plenty of water for them.

With government regulations encouraging self-imposed quarantine and several cities under complete lockdown let’s take a look at how you can best make use of this time. 

Spending too much time indoors with little or no social contact can take its toll on your mental health. Especially if you are surrounded by fear. Here are our few things you can do to keep your mental health in check.

  • Stay updated about the coronavirus state, but don`t watch news 24/7
  • Do listen to music
  • Read the novel that you always wanted to read but didn`t have time
  • Work on your personal projects
  • Read good articles
  • Do some cooking and try some new recipes while you are at it
  • Konmari your life (decluttering your house and mind)
  • Set up a workspace to get work done
  • Try yoga at home
  • Buy some adult coloring books 
  • Read your favorite childhood comic books
  • Binge watch your favorite TV series 
  • Play with your pets
  • Meditate or find your version of connecting to a higher power
  • Do watch sitcoms – laughing out loud is well known to boost immunity

Open a Pinterest account and look for inspirational creative ideas

Rearrange your living room/bedroom/ office room 

Stay active – exercise

Coronavirus is the single most talked about topic in the world today. Global connections have enabled this small virus to spread across the entire world. No-one anticipated the impact it has made across many nations. With constant exposure to news channels, we are being programmed into more negative thinking patterns augmenting the state of fear. Abraham Hicks often guides us to gradually think about better feeling thoughts to redirect our negative thought patterns and to change our vibration. Dr. David Hawkins in his series of books has demonstrated how to heal ourselves from raising our vibration. From a spiritual standpoint, how can we help? Here are two important methods to help the world.

In the book ‘The Power of 8′ by Lynne McTaggart, experiments carried out by groups of eight are described in detail. The groups carry out activities similar to a prayer circle, setting out intentions for others to be well. The group had even prayed for countries that were struggling with war and observed surprising results. The best result, however, was to the group itself, they discovered that when they pray for another person’s well-being, many other amazing opportunities, experiences and overall well-being came to themselves.

Let’s pray for those who are infected with the coronavirus, their families and the world. Pray for healing of the mind. In this state of panic, the survival mind takes over control of the heart. Let’s pray that we all can be kind to each other and send positive healing thoughts into the world. Simply be still and the words will come to you. 

Dear Universe/God/the Divine

Let us be guided through this time of fear into faith

Let us know the greater working at hand

Give us the strength to surrender and be guided back to our higher self

May we all be well

Use this time to reflect. We are all forced away from social constructs such as work and school and are faced with disregarding the daily routine and embracing uncertainty. We are experiencing a shift in our perception on separation and our view on how connected we truly are. World leaders might impose rules and regulations to keep people out, but none of it mattered to this small virus. Is there an order among this chaos? Only time will help us understand the answer to that question.

What we can do at this time is to think about what this sudden change is trying to teach us. Go within. Meditate. Be fully aware of your surroundings and be present with your families. Most importantly, be grateful for life. Trust in the knowledge that the world is going towards healing. 

Consciousness is shifting, are you tuned into the right channel?


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