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Why Money Can Absolutely Buy Happiness

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”

I’m sure that everyone has heard something along these lines before. Along with many cases of suicide and depression among those people who have an abundance of money, it is not that hard to imagine why some people are starting to see this as a Universal truth. This popular misconception about money may be the reason why people fear having it in the first place. 

But if you’re one of those people who fear money, it would be beneficial that you start reading “How can I get over my fear of money?” articles and overcome that fear as early as you can. Because contrary to the negative perspective you have on it, money is the easiest way for you to find absolute happiness in this world;

In this article, we’ll explain the reasons why money can buy happiness and why you should embrace prosperity starting today.

Money is already an essential need in this modern age. Even living in the simplest living conditions requires a certain cost. That is why learning how to attract money now becomes imperative for everyone. Even if the requirements for happiness are not the same for everyone, fulfilling your physical needs remain a common prerequisite for being happy.  Let’s be honest. Not everyone in this world has the mental fortitude to overcome the discomfort brought by hunger, or having no roof above their heads on rainy days or warm clothing every time the cold night arrives. 

Money becomes more significant to your happiness the further your object of happiness is from the minimum living requirements. This is a common reason why those who don’t have enough money are obsessing on how to attract wealth and good fortune. 

Since money is a globally accepted concept, you are presented with many options on how to spend it. By aligning your spendings with your desire, it allows you to take the easiest and most direct path towards your happiness by simply buying your way through it. 

Yes, the concept of happiness can be very subjective. But the good news is money is flexible. 

May it be having your necessities, having luxurious items, or just having a way out of your problems. With enough thought and enough cash, it can cater to anyone’s definition of happiness. 

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Making our stand to this heavily debated question. Yes. It can.

We emphasized the word “can” on our statement to create an understanding that having money alone does not make happiness certain. Money, by itself, is just a printed piece of paper. If it just stays on your wallet, then it’s no different from being something you only use to write on. At the same time, money holds almost unlimited potential.

In this day and age, what things are left in the world that money can’t buy? With countless good things that this world can offer, your happiness is out there somewhere, just waiting to be purchased.

However, the use of money should not be limited for buying material things as the happiness that comes from material things are usually fleeting, and will never fully satisfy your heart’s desire for true happiness. 

Money is just a bridge to help you reach the treasure and is not the actual treasure itself. The key to achieving true happiness with money is by realizing the true value of money in your life but at the same time, not be in love with money.

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

–1 Timothy 6:10

Here are 5 unconventional ways that money can be used to facilitate happiness.

If there is one thing the wise people would be willing to spend their money on, that is to buy additional time in their lives. Unfortunately, that concept only exists in Sci-Fi. But good news is, we can still opt to buy the next best thing.

You can use the money to buy yourself the freedom to use your time in any way that you wish and make every second of your life worthwhile. 

Imagine that you don’t need to commit your days off for outside-of-office work, being able to hire other people to do your time-consuming chores and not being bound to other people’s schedules. With enough money, you can do all that and more. 

Freedom is something that every living thing desires and therefore will bring us a joy that’s worth every penny.

Memories that you pay for are usually what stands out. Whether it is traveling around the world, trying out a new extreme sport, hobby, or just simply spending some quiet time at a cabin in the woods, money can cover all the costs for an opportunity to create a meaningful memory.

Memories are something that can never be replaced. Unlike material possessions, the emotions and experience attached to these memories are something that lasts a lifetime. This is something you can pull out from your memory bank anytime you just want to feel happier.

Money could turn any day into the best day of your life. And for those who can afford this kind of lifestyle, happiness is guaranteed.

Self-growth is one of the things that are usually not given attention to when it comes to our pursuit of happiness. Even Maslow’s theory supports this as this act of self-actualization comes last on the priority of human needs. However, it is undeniable that the desire for growth still exists within all of us, nonetheless. Fortunately (for the deep pockets amongst us), as long as you have the dough, there ain’t nothing in this world that can’t be learned.

Learning a subject or skill requires will, time, and proper guidance.

The time you’ll allocate for learning can either be one that you’ll squeeze in your schedule or something that money can be used to expedite the learning process. Seeking proper guidance means that you’ll be able to find someone that teaches that particular subject and assist you in shaving time off your learning curve (think about music instruments). This will guarantee that you’ll less likely develop bad habits that you must spend even more time to unlearn at a later date if you wish to surpass a certain level of competency. 

Although learning something without spending a dime is always an option, but cash money can assist in making the learning process much more effective.

Some people underestimate how beneficial generosity is to one’s own self. The fact that money can boost your happiness is a given, but imagine if you can give the same happiness to the people around you. 

One particular study entitled Prosocial Spending and Happiness supports how generosity directly affects one’s happiness.  In this study, two separate groups were given money for contrasting purposes. One is tasked to spend it on themselves while the other is tasked to spend it on others.

The results demonstrated that the group of people who spent their money on others had a measurable higher level of happiness than the other group who only spent money on themselves.

As you recognize your ability to affect the world around you, you start to feel that your existence is significant. That you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Any amount of cash that you spend for other person’s sake gets rewarded with appreciation and genuine happiness… Call it a Double WHAMMY… but in a good way!

Humans are social by nature. That may be one reason why having a social life can also be a source of happiness for us. We’re not implying that you should use the money to buy yourself more friends but instead, use it to deepen your ties with those that you want to keep.

Not only does having meaningful social connections create happiness, but it also brings long-term benefits to our overall health. Several studies, including one published newsletter from Harvard, support the idea that those who have deep ties with other people are generally happier than those who don’t.

Although the way people value money may differ, they still know well enough that it is important. The act of spending money for someone is enough to show that you genuinely care about them. 

Buying material things is the easiest way to convert cash to that pleasant feeling of joy, however… it can only take you so far. Sure. It’s okay to be materialistic from time to time, but don’t treat it as your only source of joy.

We would love to hear what’s the best non-material thing that you’ve spent your money on. Let us know in the comments below.

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