Why Do I Get Annoyed So Easily?

Constantly feeling annoyed or aggravated with the situations or the people in your life can often end up being tiring and even emotionally draining. In fact, it’s pretty easy to get annoyed at just being annoyed, especially when you’re not even sure why you’re feeling this way in the first place. If you find yourself constantly asking yourself, “Why do I get annoyed so easily?” then you’ve already started taking steps towards addressing and resolving the problem. 

When you start feeling annoyed, you’re moving into the first stages of impatience and eventually full-blown anger. Unfortunately, unlike these more extreme emotions, annoyance is often passed off as being something simple that you should push to the side, rather than listen to and take care of. However, addressing the problem and understanding it is an important part of getting over it. Here are a few things you should know about annoyance that can help you work through it.

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People very often brush off annoyance as a secondary concern, and while it is possible that you might just be overreacting, there is also a very good chance that your annoyance is telling you something that you should be listening to, whether it’s about yourself or someone else. Here are some of the most common reasons why people end up feeling annoyed and what it might be telling them about themselves.

Often, people end up feeling like they’re annoyed easily when, in reality, what they’re feeling is an intense resentment towards a particular situation or person in charge. If you’re wondering, “Why do I get annoyed so easily with my mom or my boss?” This is very likely part of the reason. Feeling irritated with figures of authority could mean that you really feel you’re doing more than your fair share of household chores or work tasks. To address this issue, try making a list of everything you do and everything that’s expected of everyone else around you. Seeing the distribution for yourself might give you a clearer picture and if you really do have good reason to feel like you do, try addressing it with the person in question right away (not fist fighting!) so that these feelings don’t turn into something stronger.

Oblivious People

Another one of the most common reasons that people end up feeling annoyed or irritated is having to put up with people around them that has an oblivious outlook on life. This could range from things such as vocal exercises, blaring music, or loud chewing. For example, loud chewing can really set certain people off, and the reason can be as simple as that you are simply a highly sensitive person. This means that while other people around you might be able to tune this individual out, you’re obsessing over each and every chomp and swallow, and it’s slowly driving you nuts. Rather than trying to bottle these feelings in and most likely snapping about something else down the line, try speaking with the person or people in your lunch group and making them aware of your sensitivity. Most likely they never realized that this was bothering you and they will now try (if they’re a normal human being) to make the effort to lessen the noise while they eat so that you can feel comfortable.

While helping out others is great, making sure that you set your own boundaries and only volunteer your time when you truly have the extra time to spend is incredibly important. All too often do people end up becoming irritated with their friends or coworkers simply because they feel that they’re being robbed of the precious me time that they need to recover (anyone else an introvert?). This is often an issue for people who just hate saying no. While it’s great to be there for the people you care about, making sure you get enough time to relax and recover for yourself will be just as important. Of course, saying no without an explanation might seem a little off as well, so perhaps simply make them aware of everything you already have on your plate at the moment and tell them that you just need a little time for yourself and that you’ll get back to them to see how things are going when you can.

“Why do I get so annoyed with my partner or spouse?” Well, one of the most common reasons is because people end up setting unrealistic expectations. This might be from your end or from your partners. It’s very possible that you’ve created the ideal partner in your head and now that you have a real person lying next to you, what they’re able to offer simply doesn’t live up to your expectations. While you never want to settle for anything less than what you deserve, it’s also important to recognize when your expectations are simply unrealistic and impossible for anyone less than a wizard or a knight to achieve. 

On the other side of things, you might start feeling annoyed when you feel like everything you do is never enough to impress your partner. If you’re suffering from feeling like they expect the world of you and give very little back in return, you need to speak with them about this as quickly as possible. If not, these little annoyances will quickly turn into something deeper that could leave both of you feeling fed up with the entire relationship.

Are you someone who goes out of your way to make sure everyone around you is taken care of and looked after? Then, it’s very likely you also find yourself getting annoyed at even complete strangers who aren’t as socially aware as you are. Many hyper-aware people can find it extremely frustrating when people fail to hold open doors, when people fail to give up their seat to someone in need, and other small issues that most people wouldn’t even take notice of. If you’re finding yourself feeling annoyed at the people around you regardless of how important they are in your life, then it’s very possible that you’re simply hyper-aware. In these situations, the best thing you can do is to lead by example. Try to make sure that you always do what you expect from others, which will inspire those around you to act the same way.

Do you often start feeling annoyed with your family whenever you go out to a public space? Then, there’s a really good chance that your aggravation is related to the crowd you’re standing in and not your family at all. Feelings of irritation and impatience are often linked with having to interact with loved ones in more crowded settings. This is because you simply feel overwhelmed by the number of people and situations happening around you all at once. This can be a real challenge for overly sensitive people who will immediately feel overstimulated in these kinds of environments. If you start to notice that you feel particularly aggravated toward your family whenever you leave the house, try speaking with them about it when you’re alone and making them aware of the problem. Taking more trips to parks and nature, rather than busy malls or concert halls might be a great solution to this problem, at least for the time being.

“Why do I get so annoyed with myself?” If you’re feeling this negative emotion toward yourself, there’s a very strong possibility that the reason is because you’re too much of a perfectionist who expects too much out of their own mind or body. For many people, falling short of the expectations that they placed on themselves can be one of the worst feelings in the world. However, if you’re starting to get aggravated with yourself over the tiniest little things, this could easily develop into a much more serious issue. It’s important that you address this kind of annoyance as quickly as possible so that your mind doesn’t travel deeper down into a negative space like self-doubt and depression. Try speaking with people you love about your current concerns. Having people in your life who can build you back up and take away the annoyance can be a great way to forgive yourself and carry on. 

Feeling annoyed at yourself, people around you, or even the world in general is a completely normal part of life. There are always little issues or slight irritations that will set anyone off no matter how calm or understanding they might be. However, when you start to notice that these feelings are constant and worsening, making sure that you take the time to address them so that they don’t turn into something worse will be an absolutely essential skill. Otherwise, you could end up exploding on someone who means a lot to you and who you never wanted to hurt. Keep these tips and ideas in mind so that you can make sure you don’t allow your annoyances to overtake your life starting today.

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