What Does Synchronicity Mean in Life?

Origin of the word – The word ‘synchronicity’ was introduced by Carl Jung, to explain meaningful coincidences.

We have come to this world to have a human experience. As souls having a human experience, we tend to forget why we are here or who we are because of the egoic mind. When we are going through the human experience, we gradually start to awaken. Most of us awaken when we hit a ‘rock bottom’ moment, but some of us are guided to awaken without a hard time in life. These moments as Rev. Michael Beckwith call ‘Kensho’ (growth through pain) and ‘Satori’ (growth through sudden realizations in your life) moments tend to awaken us.

When the soul awakens many things happen. The main occurrence is synchronicity. It can be considered as a way the universe guides us, or the universal energy reminding us that we are all connected. These events always put the experiencer of synchronicity to a higher level, because experiencing these meaningful coincidences are pure joy! And personally, they never cease to amaze me.

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Many of us have experienced the phenomenon of thinking about an old friend and immediately getting a phone call from that friend or bumping into that friend later at the grocery store. Some may experience these synchronistic signs as seeing similar numbers everywhere. Some may experience synchronicity as a sensation or a feeling. A thought might occur to you at the bookshop about a book you want to buy and when you walk in, you might find the same book on discount!

One of the most experienced signs of synchronicity is seeing similar numbers everywhere. For example 11.11 or 444. The number may be unique for you, and the meaning attached to it is also unique to your soul.

According to the spiritual teacher, Deepak Chopra, synchronicity has the following traits.

  • Synchronicity is a conspiracy of what seem to be improbabilities
  • Synchronistic events that come together do not have a cause and effect relationship
  • Synchronistic  events don`t exist in space-time reality
  • Synchronistic  events move you into a higher dimension reality
  • There’s an intention involved
  • Once you start experiencing them and noticing them it never stops
  • You will often experience joy and laughter
  • As a result of synchronicity, you start to become very clear about the meaning and purpose of your life
  • Once you know the mechanics of synchronicity you slowly become free from what people call karma
The most popular belief is that synchronicities are the universe’s way of guiding us through the right path. It may not always be that way. Sometimes it’s the universe reassuring you that you are doing ok. Sometimes it can be a simple ‘hello there’ from your spirit guides. However, paying attention to these synchronicities are certainly beneficial to you. For example, when you have a backache, you might put off going to the doctor but the universe will keep sending you leaflets, advertisements across your path and you will find the right doctor by using them.

Recently I changed my ringtone to an old song called “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes. These days this song is no longer playing since it’s a song from 1993. However, for some odd reason, this same song started playing on a TV series I watched the next day, and while driving with a friend, the same song was on the radio station we were listening to! All this happened within 2 days of changing the ringtone of my phone!

Let’s think about the purpose of synchronicity for a moment. It feels like a kind of guidance, a sign, or a simple hello from the universe. If you really think about it, synchronicities always expand your vibration. If you are in a cycle of a negative thought, seeing 11.11 would suddenly break that thought pattern and make you aware. Hearing a song you have been thinking about always brings you joy, thus raising your vibration. It makes you remember that you are an extension of the universe and we are connected in every way. Our thoughts matter, we are always guided and help is always available to us. Whichever way you perceive synchronicity, one thing is for sure, it’s a sign that reminds you that you are a part of this universe and we are all one.

When you think about it, synchronicities are indeed helpful. When you are looking for a book, you might bump into an old friend who hands over the same book you were looking for (Isn’t that amazing?).  Even during moments when you feel lost, you could ask the universe for a sign and magically these synchronicities will start to appear in your life.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that you need to ultimately surrender in order to experience synchronicity. For example, if you think of an old friend and try to force the universe to make that friend appear at your doorstep with the book you want, it’s not synchronicity. And it will not work. Simply follow your heart, and pay attention to the subtle nudges from the universe and the signs that you can see.

It’s like getting daily gifts from the universe. 

You need to pay attention in order to notice these little synchronies or gifts from the universe. If you are too wrapped up in analyzing things with your mind day in and day out, you may not even notice any signs of synchronicity. This is why it has been observed that examples of synchronicities are more often observed in the lives of people who have taken the spiritual path.

But the truth is, those who are on the path pay more attention. Others are too wrapped up in the problems their mind create, they don’t notice these little signs from the universe. Signs are always there.

Make sure that you follow your heart when you notice these signs. Your mind might take over and analyze to connect things that are not there. For example, if you talk about a mild symptom you have with a friend, your friend might tell you that there’s a dangerous disease going around, you might end up Googling your symptoms and think you are about to die – this is fear, and the work of the analytical mind.

When the universe guides you and bring synchronicities into your life, it will always bring you joy. This is the purpose of synchronicities, guiding you towards your natural state, which is joy. Joy, in turn, guides you along your path. We have all heard the statement ‘follow your joy’ or ‘follow your bliss’.

Synchronistic signs and events will always help you. It will bring a smile to your heart. Enjoy the little gifts or signs that they bring and follow your joy knowing that you are on the right path. Always remember that the universe is mysterious and magical.

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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