Use This Neville Goddard Technique To Boost Your Manifestation

Are you looking for an effective technique to boost your manifestation? Look no further than the “I Remember When” technique by Neville Goddard. This visualization technique can significantly enhance your success rate in manifesting your desires. In this article, we will explore the power of this technique and how you can incorporate it into your manifestation practice.

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The “I Remember When” Technique Explained

The “I Remember When” technique is a structured visualization method that provides a blueprint for manifesting your desires. It allows you to customize and visualize a scene without worrying about whether you are doing it right. This technique is particularly beneficial for individuals who may have trouble visualizing or those who want to enhance their visualization practice.

To apply this technique, you are given a specific situation to imagine in your mind. For example, let’s say you are trying to manifest your dream home. You can create a short scene, around 10 seconds long, where you say, “I remember when we used to live in the old apartment.” In this visualization, you imagine the reaction of someone you are speaking to, adding depth and authenticity to the scene.

Boosting Your Visualization Practice

Even if you are comfortable with visualization and consider yourself adept at creating scenes in your mind, the “I Remember When” technique can still be valuable. By incorporating this technique, you can add a new layer of emotions and beliefs to your visualizations, enhancing their power and effectiveness.

For example, if you have been visualizing yourself driving your dream car, you can create a new scene where you say, “I remember when I used to drive my old car with the check engine light that would never turn off.” By personalizing the scene, it becomes more grounded in reality, and you can evoke a sense of gratitude and contentment for how far you have come.

Steps to Apply the “I Remember When” Technique

Here are the steps to apply the “I Remember When” technique effectively:

  1. Create a Scene from the End: Visualize a scene where you are saying, “I remember when,” and remember your current circumstances from the position of your wish fulfilled. Make it personal and realistic.
  2. Keep the Scene Short and Enjoyable: Aim for a scene that lasts around 10 seconds or so. Loop this scene comfortably over and over again, just like using SATs (State Akin To Sleep) technique.
  3. Loop the Scene: Repeat and loop the scene as many times as possible. If you are doing this before bed, loop it until you fall asleep. During the day, set a specific time aside to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the scene.
  4. Stay Relaxed: Enter a relaxed state while visualizing. You can still be awake and active, but find moments to stop, close your eyes, and enjoy playing the scene in your mind.

Remember, while the “I Remember When” technique provides a structured approach to visualization, it should not feel rigid. Allow yourself to enjoy the process, relax, and let the feeling of the scene guide you. Neville Goddard famously said, “Think from it, not of it,” emphasizing the importance of living as though your desires have already manifested.

Enhancing the Power of the “I Remember When” Technique

To maximize the effectiveness of the “I Remember When” technique, consider incorporating the following practices into your manifestation routine:


Practicing gratitude goes hand in hand with the “I Remember When” technique. When you look back on your past circumstances in your visualization, do so with gratitude and a smile. Feel grateful for the journey that has led you to the present moment and the progress you have made. Expressing gratitude outside of your visualizations can further amplify the power of this technique.


Combining affirmations with the “I Remember When” technique can help solidify your beliefs and reinforce your manifestation intentions. Create affirmations that align with your desired outcomes and incorporate them into your visualization scenes. For example, if you are manifesting abundance, you can say, “I remember when I used to worry about money, but now I am financially prosperous.”


Writing a script or a detailed narrative of your desired manifestation can provide additional clarity and focus. By scripting your visualization scenes, you bring them to life on paper and stimulate the imagination even further. Read your script aloud or silently during your visualization practice to enhance the visualization experience.

Benefits of the “I Remember When” Technique

The “I Remember When” technique offers several benefits to enhance your manifestation practice:

  • Structured Visualization: This technique provides a structured approach to visualization, making it easier for those who struggle with visualizing scenes.
  • Enhanced Belief and Emotion: By customizing your visualizations with the “I remember when” scenario, you can evoke a deeper emotional connection and reinforce your belief in the manifestation.
  • Gratitude and Contentment: Looking back on your past circumstances from a position of gratitude helps reduce anxiety and instills a sense of contentment for how far you have come on your manifestation journey.
  • Flexibility and Personalization: The technique allows you to adapt it to your own desires and customize the scenes according to your preferences, making it more relatable and realistic.


The “I Remember When” technique by Neville Goddard can be a powerful tool to amplify your manifestation abilities. By incorporating this technique into your visualization practice, you can enhance your belief, evoke emotions, and bring your desires closer to reality. Remember to stay relaxed, enjoy the process, and combine the “I Remember When” technique with gratitude, affirmations, and scripting to maximize its potential.

Try this technique for yourself and notice the positive impact it has on your manifestation journey. Embrace the power of visualization, and let the “I Remember When” technique help you manifest your dreams and desires with ease.

Give it a try and share this article if you found it helpful and spread the power of manifestation.

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