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Signs You Are on the Verge of Manifestation

The fact that you are reading this article means that you’ve been trying to apply the Law of Attraction in your life. You have that certain desire and you’re doing your best to make it come true with the help of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. 

As you probably know, manifestations are the translation of desires into their physical equivalent in real life. When people start practicing the Law of Attraction, they may feel anxious and unsure because they want their manifestation to come true as soon as possible. Unfortunately, manifestations may take some time and they won’t happen overnight. In order to manifest your goal, you need to get in alignment with yourself so the universe can flow to you and through you. And, once that happens, the Universe will send you a sign that you are on the right path. 

An accurate indicator that you’re on the verge of manifestation doesn’t really exist. But, what exists are certain signs that point out your manifestation will become a reality in no time. Keep reading to find out what are the most-recognized signs you are on the verge of manifestations.

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Before we talk about the signs that your manifestations are near, it is important to talk about intentions. As you probably already know, intentions are the driving force behind the law of attraction and the key to manifesting your desires. You can set an intention for a manifestation simply by thinking a thought or implementing some other practices in your daily life. So, how do you set an intention for manifestation? Keep reading to find out!

1. Get Clear on What You Want & Why You Want It

The Universe is always listening to your thoughts and supporting you in making your dreams come true. The first step to set an intention for manifestation would be getting clear on what you want, down to the smallest details.

Then, you should ask yourself what is the motivation behind your intention; why do you want what you want? Setting intentions based on negative feelings such as fear of something not happening or necessity for something to happen will only bring more negative feelings and make it more difficult for your manifestation to come true. Instead, think about all the love, self-worth, and happiness your manifestation can bring when it comes true.

2. Create a Ritual

Creating a personal and unique ritual can help you set intentions for a manifestation more easily. It can be something as simple as drinking hot chocolate in the evening and handwriting your intentions. You can also try meditating before thinking about or writing down your intentions. Whatever you do, make sure that the ritual leaves you feeling optimistic and inspired.

3. Let Go of Your Attachment to the Result

After realizing what you want exactly and writing it down, you should let go of your attachment to the result. You shouldn’t be too attached to the condition or the material object you are trying to manifest. Instead, you should focus on the feelings that condition or object will bring. When you stop being attached to the outcome, you will be able to live in flow and get one step closer to realizing your manifestation.

The truth is you can never know how long it will take your manifestation to turn into reality. But, the last thing you should do is trying to force it and being dissatisfied if it doesn’t show up. Tension will only create more tension and it is hard for your desires to manifest if you’re overflowed with negative feelings. Trust in your relationship with the Universe and, more importantly, trust that you have enough power to transform your life. Once you adopt this mindset, you will start noticing signs that you’re on the verge of manifestation. Talking about signs…

There are certain signs of manifestation that usually bring positive vibes and make you bound to attract the objects and people that are supposed to take you to your manifestation goal. How do you know when a manifestation is near? Well, here are some of the most common signals the Universe will send to you when you are on the right path.

1. Positive Energy

The first sign will come from within yourself. You will be overflowed by positive energy and, as a result of that, positive things will happen in your life. If you feel happy and good about yourself, then it is very likely that your manifestation is about to realize itself. The positive energy is caused by the fact that you are working on aligning yourself, making your intuition stronger. Once you start feeling all these positive vibes, then you have every reason to believe that you are on the verge of manifestation.

2. The Law of Synchronicity

You may ask yourself what is the law of synchronicity exactly? This law refers to unusual coincidences and meaningful encounters. We’ve all experienced moments of synchronicity, for example, when you think about an old friend and the next day that friend contacts you on Facebook. All these little coincidences are a sign that the Universe is trying to tell you something. And, when they start piling up, then you’re definitely on the right track.

We tend to go about our daily lives without recognizing the connectivity of our minds with the Universe and the people around us. If you’re wondering how synchronicities can be connected to your goal, here is one simple explanation. Let’s say that you’re dreaming about getting a brand new red car. If you’re focusing your thoughts on manifesting that car, then it will simply start popping up everywhere. You may see it on the street or hear people in a restaurant talking about that red car.

Another example would be seeing a unique sign all the time. Many people consider numbers such as 1111 or 8888 as a way of the Universe trying to communicate to you. So, if you start noticing unusual coincidences in your daily life, then take as a sign that the Universe is working in your favor.

3. The Manifestation Numbers

Talking of numbers, it is useful to point out that sometimes the easiest way for the Universe to send a message to us is through numbers. People consider the number 1111 as a divine sign. 11 is the number of manifestation in Angel numbers and noticing this number frequently could be a sign that your manifestation is nearby.

You may see this number when you glance at a clock or maybe you notice it at the bottom of a bill. Is there something special you should do when you see this number? Yes! The number 1111 is the instant manifestation number and it signals you that you are in a heightened state of manifestation. So, whenever you see this number, make room for some positive thoughts and focus your energy on desired outcomes.

Many people believe that dreams are incredibly important. They are a reflection of our subconscious mind and they may reveal so many things to us. Sometimes dreams don’t make sense at all, but, other times, they may be a message from the Universe that you are on the verge of manifestation. If your manifestation is near, then it is very likely that you will keep having dreams about it.

You can even use dreams to pave the path to sensing your manifestation. Before going to bed, you can try imagining what you want to bring into existence. This can help you form subconscious thoughts about your goal and then use your dreams for manifesting your desires into physical existence. Soon enough, the desires you dream of will start feeling as signs that your manifestation is close.

5. You Encounter Obstacles

It’s not unusual to encounter obstacles when your manifestation is about to come true. Just when you think that your desires are about to transform into reality, you may come across a challenge that will probably make you think your manifestation won’t happen. But, don’t think of these challenges as a setback because they are just another sign from the Universe.

An obstacle might be a message that your manifestation is coming but you need to change the way you do things in order for it to happen. This obstacle that seems to come in an untimely fashion will usually turn out to be your blessing in disguise. Even though it may throw you off course, it will also force you to reorganize your thoughts and focus even more on making your manifestations come true.

Obstacles can also be a test by the Universe just to see how serious you are about your desires before they become a reality. If you encounter any obstacles while trying to make your manifestations turn into reality, don’t give up because your destiny is about to reveal itself.

6. Spirit & Animal Guides

Don’t let this title freak you out. When we mention spirits, we’re not talking about a ghost that will jump out of your closet. If you’re practicing the Law of Attraction, then you will always be accompanied by spirit guides who are working with you. You may notice their presence the most when your manifestation is about to come true but you’re in danger of losing faith (possibly because of the obstacles that were mentioned previously).

Spirit guides love sending small “notes” that may be in the form of coins you find in the street or in the form of a song you love that starts playing on the radio.

Animals can also be the Universe’s “messenger.” If there is an animal of particular importance to you, you may start noticing it more often in real life, on TV, or even in artwork. If you keep seeing that fuzzy friend you love, it’s not a coincidence! It’s a sign that you are on the verge of manifestation.

When your manifestation is close, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of calm that doesn’t make much sense. This sense of calmness is not only the Universe sending you a sign. It is a message from deep inside you that even you know the manifestation is about to come true. Don’t take this new feeling as a sign to stop moving forward towards achieving your goal. On the contrary, being calm may help your desires become reality even faster because you could start working harder towards them since you don’t feel any pressure or fear.


These are some of the most common manifestation signs sent by the Universe to reassure you that you’re moving in the right direction. However, if you don’t notice any of them, it doesn’t mean that your manifestation won’t come true. People who believe in the Law of Attraction and who are in the pursuit of their dreams don’t spend much time searching for signs. Instead, they focus on their thoughts and on manifesting. If you think about the signs too much, you may end up focusing on the lack of them which is likely to produce negative energy and emotions.

The only secret for realizing your manifestation is to equip yourself with a burning desire to make your dream come true, unrelenting presence, and adamant faith. Always keep the principle behind the Law of Attraction on your mind; you are the magnet of the thoughts that you allow to populate in your mind. If you strongly believe that your manifestation is coming, then you will undoubtedly attract similar energies that will bring you one step closer to making your desires turn into a reality. 

So, don’t worry if you can’t notice any of these signs! The Universe is always there, listening to your thoughts and working on giving you what you truly desire. The manifestation depends on you, your mindset, and your confidence, so make sure to focus your energy on that instead.

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