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Know About the Difference Between Hobby and Passion

Hobby and passion are common terms that are often interchanged. There can be confusion between the two terms as they do share many commonalities. With both, you would assume are activities you enjoy doing. While the two terms may seem similar, it is important to note that your hobbies and passions are quite distinct from one another. Many people struggle with knowing what they are and are often wondering, “How do I find my hobby or passion?” It is only possible to understand and recognise your own hobbies and passion when you can define what each term means and how they differ. 

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

—Oprah Winfrey

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What Is the Difference Between a Hobby and Your Passion?

To understand the difference we must first begin with defining both terms: a hobby and a passion. Once we know and recognize what each is, it is much easier to discover your hobbies and passions, and answer questions such as “How do I find my passion in life?” and  “Why is passion important in life?”

A hobby can be defined as something enjoyable that you do regularly in your leisure time for pleasure. Anything can become a hobby, and everyone will have different ideas and activities they enjoy doing. The latest stats report, that around 42 percent of individuals in the United States of America claim watching television as their hobby with reading and computer/internet related activities close behind. It is a concerning point to note that these three top hobbies are sedentary and do not involve much physical exercise at all.

The options for hobbies are unlimited, you can find interest in anything that helps you feel good, de-stress, socialise and just generally enjoy. Hobbies can also serve more than one purpose, to be enjoyable but also practical. You can learn something new while having fun. You can consider doing something new, creative, or active. Such as riding a bike, doing something adventurous, learning valuable life skills, a new language, computer skills, etc..

Your choice of hobby can also benefit other areas of your life. For example, taking up sewing, teaches you immense perseverance & patience, while satisfying your need to be creative, or rewards you with new clothing items. Running can teach you discipline and endurance, deciding to get up early 6 days a week you practice willpower and determination. When it comes to following your hobbies, there is no push to achieving the best results at all times. It is all about having a good time and enjoying your time.

The word “passion” is defined in the dictionary as a strong and barely controllable emotion, this may be a positive or negative feeling. It’s not really an activity at all, that is a big clue to helping you zero in on your own passions. To be passionate about something is to feel intensely enthusiastic, or a compelling desire towards an activity person, idea or concept. We may even go as far as to say if you have a passion for something you love doing it above all other things. There is much more emotion and feeling attached to your passions, and activities, belief or people you feel passionate about. A passion may be an activity or a hobby but what makes it a passion is the level of feeling or emotion that you feel when thinking about it.

Some people are passionate about helping the poor or the homeless. Or, you might be an animal lover dedicated to helping the stray animals. You may feel very strongly about remaining fit and healthy, teaching, playing a musical instrument, painting, etc. When you lose track of time while you are doing something, and fully immerse yourself in a task, it may be a sign it is a passion of yours. 

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explained this phenomenon as the “flow” state. This constant state of flow is what creates an “experience genuinely satisfying”. This book is always out in the open in my home and it always makes for a very interesting coffee table discussion. I’d definitely recommend that you read this book through and through to create more opportunities to slip into this truly stimulating experience.

Now you have the basic definitions of hobbies and passions, which could be the same thing, you can start to generate a few ideas of your own. A passion could be described as an activity, belief, person or ideal in life that you cannot live without. While hobbies are all about enjoying your time, feeling good, or taking part in enjoyable pursuits. 

Do you have instances when you are not able to sleep as you are thinking about something, a goal, something you love doing, someone you love being with, then most likely at that point it is a passion of yours. Passions can be addictive. They invoke intense feelings. For your hobbies, you will enjoy them but the feelings may be less intense, that is of course unless you are passionate about your hobby, then it can become both! 

Whatever might be your passions or your hobbies, you can pursue both at all times in your life. While there are very significant differences between a hobby and passion, your hobby can develop into a lifelong passion. Similarly, your passion can also become a hobby. The major differences between a hobby and passion are the level of feeling and emotion attached, a hobby is something you do, and a passion is how you feel about it.

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” 

–Steve Jobs

As we move through life, we may be directed by those who care about us to follow our passion. However, it can be difficult or stressful if you don’t know what it is. So many people struggle with these questions  “How do I find my passion in life?” or  “Why is passion important in life?” 

If you are unsure of what your hobbies or passions are, then you are not alone! You can start by thinking about what you loved doing as a child. Get creative, come up with a list of all the things you enjoy, what did you want to be when you were growing up, what do you like doing now, what makes you feel happy and content. Try socializing amongst people who inspire and motivate you. You could experiment, consider joining a class that allows you to try out new things. Some people find it easier to start with things they don’t like and turn it around. For example, if you don’t like music, that crosses off a big list of activities, perhaps you prefer peace and quiet so start thinking of activities that are quieter. Painting, walking, or whatever else that comes to mind.

While choosing your hobby, it is recommended not to limit yourself, but to broaden your horizons instead. By doing so, you will realize that there are many activities that may catch your interest and could become your hobby. You may even realize that you have a knack for something that you didn’t know existed until now.

When it comes to developing your passions, by examining your newfound hobbies and activities, take time to reflect on which of them you feel most strongly about. Perhaps it is a specific cause that resonates within you. Maybe you are interested in solving other individual’s problems or helping others. As such, you could be passionate about delivering counseling sessions to individuals or groups. 

“If you have passion, there is no need for excuses because your enthusiasm will trump any negative reasoning you might come up with. Enthusiasm makes excuses a non-issue.” 

–Wayne Dyer

There will always be times in your life when challenges arise, unanticipated events happen and we are faced with making difficult decisions, to keep going or give up on a task. These challenges may veer you off track and/or slow down your progress towards your goals. It is “passion” that helps motivate and gives you the energy to stay true to your purpose and keep going. All human beings are fueled by emotion and the energy of feelings. When we are passionate and filled with love, purpose and enjoyment, our level of vibration increases and we are much more likely to attract the things we need to succeed. By following our passions, we align our goals with our core beliefs and values, so ultimately, everything will naturally flow in the right direction. Life becomes easier.  


Start enjoying new hobbies, follow your passion! the more you learn about yourself, the more self-aware you become the more you will understand your purpose and role in this world.

Let us know what you discover, share your passion!

Tommy P.
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