How Do You Keep Your Soul Healthy?

A healthy soul is a concept often given less importance in today’s world. While we can all agree that we have our own standards for being healthy, It can also be said that most of us only refer to this in the mundane sense.

I always saw myself as a health-conscious individual and took great pride in it. For me, being healthy was a simple concept of having a good physique and actively feeding my mind.

But how would my soul have a good physique? What food is good for the soul? This article is here to help you answer these questions and relate it to how you can give more substance to your already happy life

Making the soul happy starts with having a healthy body for it to dwell in and a healthy mind to nurture it. The harmony between these 3 aspects is the foundation of a happy life.

As the soul is immaterial and lacks physical properties, it relies on our physical body as a medium to connect with the world. Our minds are responsible for interpreting the information our bodily senses detect from our surroundings. This forms experiences that could potentially nourish your soul.

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Although our varying cultural beliefs led our society to have a varying point of view of the soul, their main principle remains the same for these perspectives. It is that the soul is the immaterial essence of one’s being. Along with a physical body and a thinking mind, they make up the wholeness of your existence.

As the soul is considered to be a spiritual and an incorporeal part of you, it will definitely have different needs from your physical body and your mind. In the following segments, we will be discussing 4 different ways of making the soul happy and nourished.

Our physical body is the soul’s medium to connect with the physical world, where the biggest source of nourishment for the soul comes from. Thus, making the soul happy should start from here.

Instinctively, we are inclined to rely on our physical senses since we were born. By the time that we had an awareness about the concept of the soul, we have already gained a great degree of familiarity with our physical body. Thus, we are more receptive to the experiences coming from the outside world.

Keep in mind that both your body and soul are a part of the same whole. When one feels good, so does the other. Since it is easier to fulfill your physical needs, it serves as a good starting point to nourish your soul. Another statement to support this is that we are constantly reminded by society regarding the best practices on how to take care of our physical well-being.

Getting the right amount of sleep, habitual exercise, and developing healthy eating habits are well-known ways of addressing your physical needs and leading a happy life.

Keeping your body healthy is not just limited to what we often see or hear. If one method does not work for you, there are a lot of other ways to develop your physical health. To put it simply, there is just no excuse if you’re not doing it. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a chance and you’ll soon notice how positively it can affect your life in general.

Are you familiar with the idiom “baring your soul”? Apparently, this is not just clever wordplay to describe how you intimately share your feelings. Emotions are a reflection of your soul. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to take this phrase literally.

We humans are considered to be social animals. Although science attributes this trait to our psychological design, another factor is that souls are attracted to each other. Relative to how our physical body is able to easily interact with the world, souls can easily communicate with another.

When your soul is happy, it will speak through your actions. It tends to display positive emotions such as empathy, gratitude, compassion and is a constructive way to exercise your soul’s speech.

As communication is a two-way process, we also have the ability to perceive what another soul feels. Our souls don’t necessarily need a back and forth conversation to be exercised. Sometimes, just listening to another soul is already beneficial.

If you had the chance to read a self-empowerment book before, the experience is a good demonstration of how your soul is listening. Books from this genre are usually filled with positive thoughts and motivational messages. As you read through the passages, you can relate. Even without your soul speaking, you still feel a sense of fulfillment.

Long before Science started its efforts in defining the soul, past cultures already had a solid concept of its existence. This was because nature was there to define it for us.

Nature, in its purest sense, is filled with positive energy. Since the beginning, Nature was there to nurture to all our aspects of human development. It provided us the nourishment for our bodies and solace for the soul. Mother Nature’s parenting towards us is still apparent up to this day.

When was the last time you closed your eyes and just felt the breeze embrace you? Or the last time you walked barefoot on the sandy beaches or the damp soil of the lush-green woods?

Connecting with nature is a simple, yet effective way in making the soul happy. Start by taking short nature walks and take some time to appreciate its beauty. Nature is all the good and positive the world can offer.

Your body, mind, and soul are part of the same whole. It is imperative that we don’t neglect any one of these aspects as it directly affects your entire being.  Striking a balance between your overall health can be a challenge, but achieving it will provide you with a sense of fulfillment on your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. With the right amount of effort and continuous development, you are on the right path leading to a happy life.

Do you have your preference for what food is good for the soul? Let us know how you nourish your soul. 

Tommy P.
Tommy P.

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