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5 Spiritual Benefits of Swearing… F*ck Yourself with Positivity.

According to statistics, the majority of the world’s population are either monolinguals or bilinguals, while only a small percentage of the global population are fluent with 3 or more languages. But let’s be honest. Although we’re just making an intelligent guess here, we bet that you can swear in more languages than those you’re fluent in.

Fret not. We’re not here to condemn you nor call you out for your profane habits. We are here to bring more reasons for you to start swearing more often.

Developing a healthy swearing habit brings positivity into your life and helps you grow spiritually. It also improves the interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects of your life. More importantly, it also improves the quality of your sexual experience.

Dear readers, we sh*t you not. In this article, we aim to bring those words that were always stigmatized by society into a better light and help you utilize them on your spiritual journey.

You might be feeling a bit skeptical, or hesitant, to try it out. We can’t blame you. After all, the act of cursing itself has been greatly discouraged on select verses from the Holy Bible and by most religions, we know of today.

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Before we begin discussing how swearing improves your spirituality, let’s first get into the social stigma that prevents us from freely cursing when we want to.

Referencing both the Holy Bible and our modern dictionary, the term “cursing” can be divided into three general definitions.

  1. Using God’s name, his words, and the way God created humans in his image in vain.
  2. Wishing or invoking curses to befall on someone (Hogwarts Style)
  3. To swear using offensive words.

Just by reading the first 2 definitions, we can all agree that these two are something that will surely be considered as a sin, even if you’re just learning it in your “Defense Against the Dark Arts” class. (Sorry, Harry)

However, the third definition gives us a window to explore the idea further.

Profanity during biblical times is different from the swear words that we use today. However, the stigma from forbidden words should still hold the same bearing regardless of time. For us to know whether cursing is a sin, let us look for answers from the Holy Scriptures themselves.

So what words were considered as profane during biblical times? Here are some examples of profanity in the Bible.

In this bible verse, Jesus Himself warned everyone against employing a specific word that was considered a profanity during His time. 

Matthew 5:22 ESV

“But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.”

The Aramaic word Ῥακά (Raka), which was sometimes translated as “fool” was the word originally used for this passage. The real translation of this word was heavily debated, perhaps because the meaning of the word was lost due to no one wanting to translate a profanity that Jesus Himself heavily disapproved of.

In the next bible passage, we will see how Apostle Paul used a word considered as a profanity during his time to describe how his religious achievements compare to having Jesus Christ in his life. 

Philippians 3:8 NIV

“What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ”

He used the Greek word is σκύβαλα (skubala) to describe his religious credentials in this passage. Although the word itself had several meanings, it was strongly used to refer to dung or what we know as sh*t today.

Apostle Paul himself used profanity to describe how insignificant his possessions are compared to having Jesus Christ in his life. However, we can all agree that the use of profanity in this passage was intended to build emphasis on his point. By no means could we see that swearing done by Apostle Paul was sinful but rather it built positivity and helped us understand his message more clearly.

While we will not dwell on decoding the context of the Bible itself, we will share what we’ve understood from these two examples of profanity we’ve discussed.

The act of swearing becomes a sin when you swear with the intention to hurt others. 

Hopefully, we’ve provided a convincing argument for a guilt-free swearing spree, let’s discuss how it helps you bring more positivity to your life. Here are our 5 spiritual benefits of swearing:

It is undeniable that social stigma exists for both profanities and for people who love to swear. You are aware that although you feel like swearing, you need to find the right time and place for it. Repetitive practice of this restraint becomes an exercise for improving your self-control.

Related to the same social stigma, swearing also builds your confidence as you can perform actions that go against what people tell you to do. 

The barrier you overcome, just to let that first swear out of your mouth already took a lot of courage. The more that you use it on different occasions, the more you exercise your confidence. As you develop your confidence through swearing, the more swearing feels natural for you.

And as you continue to develop your positive qualities, you are also raising your consciousness about your personal feelings and motives every time you swear. This, in turn, raises your self-awareness.

People are not born with spiritual awareness. Spirituality is something that you usually learn as you go through life’s journey. By the time we start to have the thirst for spiritual fulfillment, we usually start looking for answers at one particular place. 

Religious organizations and/or institutions, where people looking for spiritual growth, is usually where we start to look for spiritual travel buddies and mentors. While this is indeed a good place to start your spiritual journey, it does not always bring out the best in everyone. Especially if you have a strong swearing habit.

The social stigma for swearing can be stronger inside a religious organization compared to that of other societies outside of religion. Hence, being a notorious swear-monger can create a stronger negative reaction from these people as well. 

Reactions may include one or more of the following:

  • Social distancing
  • Outcasting
  • Condemnation
  • Makes you feel shame and guilt
  • Other reactions relatively similar to discrimination

Although this may not be true to all religious organizations, it does happen in most. And while you may receive this kind of treatment due to swearing, this is when you’ll meet the right people to help you in your spiritual growth.

Swearing deters people who are not mature enough to guide other people. The right people that will help you grow in spirit are those who accept the fact everyone is flawed, and will still be willing to stay and guide you regardless of whether they share your love for swearing or not.

Sure. They might still be people who will discourage you from swearing at the end of the day but at least they won’t condemn you if you do.

Profanities can be intimidating when you hear it from other people, especially when it was delivered to express annoyance and anger.

However, if swearing is used correctly, it creates a feeling of openness. It can give out the impression that you are a person who can open himself to others and is honest about how he feels. 

You are not afraid to drop the F-bomb in a friendly conversation regardless of how close you are with the person you are speaking with. This can also imply that you are willing to make a close connection with the person you are speaking with to a point where you can both swear freely and open your heart to each other.

Swearing is a good avenue to release pent up negativity and get those heavy feelings off your chest. Not to mention that it also promotes holistic interpersonal growth, it is no wonder why it feels good. Additionally, swearing can be used beneficially in almost any situation and can fit whatever emotion you are feeling. 

When you feel happy, you can express yourself by swearing and kick your dopamines one notch higher. When you’re feeling down, let out a good swear word and feel that negativity leave your body. Whatever it is you’re feeling, swearing can be a positive release of energy.

Swearing can also give you a sense of empowerment whenever you find yourself in an unfavorable situation. You are letting yourself know that you are not completely helpless and that you are ready to come back swinging whenever you feel cornered. When we swear, we are liberating ourselves from the restrictions that we and society told us not to do. 

Truth is, there may be more reasons why we feel good when we swear. However, all of these positive benefits of swearing may be summarized in one word. Freedom!

It is undeniable. Deep down you just know that something about swearing during sexual intercourse makes it all the more pleasurable. However, what some of us don’t know is that swearing, regardless of where or when you do it, actually improves our sex life.

Sex is an experience that thrives from our emotions. On the other hand, it can be said that swearing itself is the way our emotions express and intensify itself. Given these facts, It is not hard to find the synergistic relation between saying f*ck while doing the actual deed. 

Swearing, pre-sex, can be used as a form of foreplay to heighten the anticipation of the sexual experience while swearing during the actual intercourse can make lovemaking more passionate and the climax much more euphoric. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Outside of the bedroom, developing a healthy swearing habit can also promote your intrapersonal qualities that improve your sex life. Increased self-confidence, effective release of stress, self-empowerment and an improved degree of self-expression are just some of the effects that you can get out of it. It’s no secret that the more you feel good about yourself, the better the sexual experience becomes.

It will just take a few words to spice up your sex life. Why not give it a try tonight? You know what we mean by that. 


Although some of us may still feel uncomfortable when committing profanity, we should consider this idea.

Words, at the end of the day, are just sounds that people understand. They are constantly changing and can have other meanings over time. What could be a perfectly wholesome word today could be the new swear word tomorrow. In reality, any words, when used with malicious intentions, can be hurtful to others. There are even times that simple words can be more hurtful than any swear word out there.

As long as you swear with a light heart and good intentions, there’s no need to hold back. Set yourself free and swear as much as you want and do not be stingy about it.

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