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5 Signs of Being on the Right Path in Life

Consistently walking the right path in life could be a struggle for some. With so many things the world has to offer, it also gives us many roads to walk on. Not to mention that reaching a particular goal can sometimes be a long journey. 

With so many branching paths, it’s definitely easy to get lost . There can also be times when we just feel that our walk is just too long that we start to become impatient. That’s when we feel anxious and end up second-guessing ourselves. We begin asking the question “am I on the right track?”. 

In this article, we will be discussing the major signs of being on the right path in life and help you determine whether you’re still on the right track. We’ll also be mentioning the signs that answers “how do you know if you’re on the wrong path?” and hopefully help guide you back to the road you should be walking on.

People’s views on what the right path is can be subjective and may vary from one person to another. But the signs stay true regardless of how you define your own “right path”.

Walking on the right path is never a comfortable experience. Along with the feeling of doubt and anxiety, walking on the right path will always require you to face challenges. However, whether you overcome or fail these challenges, the experience itself becomes a catalyst for your growth.  If the path you are taking will develop one or more aspects of your life without compromising your other aspects, that’s a strong sign that you are going the right way.

Whether it may be physical, mental, spiritual, and oftentimes, financial, It’s a natural thing for people to wish for growth. Regardless of where you are standing in your life right now, there’s no denying that deep down inside, we are all craving to become a better version of ourselves.

“Am I on the right path?”, “Am I on the right track?”, “Am I going the right way?”

If you’re already starting to ask yourself these questions, this is already a good sign that you’re starting off on the right track. 

You usually ask these questions when you are somewhere in your life that you feel unsure. Rather than staying at one place, you’ve decided to step away from what you are familiar with, ready to face both the positive and negative aspects of life itself.

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Knowing the signs that you’re on the wrong path could be equally important as knowing that you’re walking on the right one. 

Before mentioning the signs that you are still on the right path in life, let’s take a look first at our situation and assess if we might have strayed off it.

1. You will feel it in your heart

Even at times when you are happy with how things are going in your life, it could still lead us to the wrong path.

If you remain standing in a single point in your life and you refuse to move forward, eventually you will feel that something is amiss despite all the accomplishments that you have had. That gut feeling that you’re having is probably your heart telling you that you’re starting to stray out of the right path.

2. You start to become content.

Before you are able to accomplish a goal, you are often faced with hardships. Upon overcoming these challenges, this feeling of accomplishment can make us feel comfortable. This sense of comfort can sometimes mislead us to think that we’ve already reached our goal, even if it’s still far away. Often times, we are still aware that our true goal is still far ahead. However, we become hesitant to face further difficulties in our lives that we start to settle with the small accomplishments that we got.

3. When you become stagnated.

If you are not willing to take a step out of this comfort zone, you become stagnated. Refusing to move forward is the same as going down the wrong path as stagnation hinders you from growing. 

The lack of growth or opportunity to grow is the biggest sign that you are currently on the wrong path.

If you can see that you will gain nothing upon continuing the path that you’re walking, it may be a good time to take a break and assess if your goal aligns to the path that you’re walking on.

4. When you are not willing to take risks.

Let’s admit it, no one likes to fail. But the truth is, both success and failure are a part of life. If you are not willing to fail, then you are not willing to experience everything life has to offer.

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows. But that’s just how life is and thus we should learn to accept this fact. Without knowing what is bad, we won’t be able to appreciate the good aspects of our lives. And without hardships, we may not be able to grow.

Living life to the fullest can mean that you’re ready to embrace both the positive and the negative aspects of life.

5. When you are not learning from your failures.

At some point in their lives, people will experience failure.

But what we need to understand is that failure is not life’s way of shutting us down. Life is actually sending us a message that if we want to reach a particular goal, this is what we need to have.

Life acts as our teacher. If life thinks we are not yet ready, it will give us challenges to help us grow to a point where we can achieve our goal.

If you are focused more on dwelling on your actual failure rather than learning from it. This can be a sign that you are not going the right path that life wants you to take.

6. When you become impatient.

Often times, walking down the right path will not manifest itself to you immediately. Depending on what your goal is, it can take us a long time to reach the end of our chosen path. Along the way, you start to notice that others are reaching the goal faster than you. This can lead us to feel impatient and rush things, making us stray from the right path.

Remember that everyone has their own starting point in life, and their own set of goals. Comparing your accomplishments with others will not help you in walking the right path.

Upon knowing the common signs when you are going down the wrong path, try to assess yourself. Being aware when you are straying off can help you align yourself towards the right path and your goal.

Now, we’ll be discussing the signs that you are walking on the right path and what you need to remember as you walk forward.


1. When you are continuously facing adversities in life.

Instead of staying in one place in your life, you’ve taken a step towards your next goal. Treading forward the unknown can make you feel anxious at times. However, what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. 

When you’re constantly encountering challenges in your life, it means that life is giving more opportunities to grow. 

Life is full of wonders, just waiting for us to be experienced. However, it may not be possible to experience them all in one lifetime. The more that we continue to grow, the more paths in life open up for us. And oftentimes, growing can help make the entire life journey easier.

2. You are confident about your life decisions.

Whenever you start having doubts that you’re still on the right path, keep following your heart. It is your best compass to point you in the right direction whenever you feel lost.

If the path that you’re walking doesn’t give you any feeling of shame or guilt, or if you don’t feel the need to explain your decisions to other people, that means that your heart is undeniably agreeing to the path that you’re treading. 

This is because your heart knows that you are on the right path. 

3. You’re tired but you feel accomplished.

Regardless of whether you are aware if you’re on the right path or not, you’re always filled with motivation.

Overcoming adversities along your walk can be taxing to both your body and mind. But at the end of the day, you find yourself smiling because you know that you become a step closer towards your goal. 

You know the reason why you are tired. It is because you are putting your plans into action.

4. You have a clear understanding of what your goals are.

When you are constantly reminding yourself of what your goals are, you are helping yourself see where the right path is.

Paths are often twisted and could branch out to other roads as well. That’s why it’s easy to feel lost at times, or even actually get lost and take another path that’s entirely different to the one you’ve started with. 

Being clear to yourself on your goals can help you focus on what you really want. It also helps you not to get sidetracked with other paths that may lead you away from the right path.

5. You have a thirst for growth.

Sometimes, it is possible to get something good from straying from the right path. Although it can give us some sense of accomplishment, it will never fully satisfy us. The moment you start to compromise for lesser accomplishments, you lose the drive to move forward towards our actual goal.

Even if you’ve managed to reach the goal that you’ve set for yourself, you must never lose that constant yearning for growth. By learning to settle with your current accomplishments, you are actually limiting yourself to your full potential. 

We may have different reasons on why we are traveling down a certain path. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing. We are looking for change. 



Mikhail Gorbachev, a famous Russian political figure, gave the world a helpful piece of advice on why we should be constantly walking on life’s given path:

If you are not moving forward, you’re moving backward.

Even if you don’t want to take a step forward, change is still inevitable and it will always come your way. Rather than waiting for the change to happen, Isn’t it better if we start walking down the path and make the change for ourselves?

How did knowing that you’re on the right path helped you on your journey? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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