5 Signs From the Universe That Love is Coming

You have been working on consciously creating the ideal relationship in your life, whether that is a romantic, sexual, or platonic one. You have been scripting, visualizing, affirming and living in the end of being together with a specific person, an ex, or somebody new. You have made your soulmate list, with the characteristics you want them to possess, and you have faith that it’s possible to find them.

But how do you know whether it’s working or not?

Did you know that there are signs from the universe that can let you know whether love is coming? These signs of soulmate arrival appear to you in the form of feelings, dreams, or events in your surroundings that remind you of your desire!

Let’s delve into that.

Most of the times, there are some strong signs from the universe that will hit you like a punch in the gut, and then you will simply know this is working out!

Remember though: everyone’s journey is different. Not everyone will get strong signs. Sometimes you just have to expect the unexpected. Just trust in the universal power within you; ask, believe, and then let go of the doubts and worries. You are the creator of your own reality and you must have a deep knowing that you can create everything you want!

 Here are 5 signs that your soulmate is right around the corner:

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If you want a specific person, you may start seeing license plates with their initials or with a special date you share. You may begin to see their name everywhere, or hear your mutual friends talk about them. One day, you walk into a coffee shop while “your song” is playing.

Your reality is a reflection of what your mind is focusing on. When you are focusing on someone, you are going to be reminded of them all the time. It means that you have started attracting what you are thinking about.

If you do not want a specific person but rather the general feeling of being in love and in a happy, romantic relationship, then you are going to attract indications of this feeling in your surroundings. You are going to hear people talking about love and about how easy and natural it is for them. The radio will play songs that fill you with this warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You will find places that seem ideal for a first date.

Pay attention to what your physical reality is showing you because that tells you a lot about your emotional state, which is key to manifesting.

I remember a couple of months before my epic breakup: every single long-term, committed relationships around me started collapsing. I can recall the feeling of doom that took over me when model couples around me started unexpectedly (for me, at least) breaking up, one after the other.

I had surely been doing an excellent job unconsciously creating my breakup for years with my insecurities, fears and doubts. It was finally high time my fears started to materialize before my eyes. People around me had miserable love lives, and seeing them produced even more fears inside me, which led to the end of my own relationship not long after.

The opposite can also happen.

When you are preparing yourself for love, working on yourself, and realizing love is abundant around you, this is what you will be attracting in your world: more love, more security, and more happiness. People who are fulfilled in their relationships, relationships that used to face problems begin afresh, your friends meeting someone new or going on successful dates. Happy couples seem to be everywhere around you. People are getting married or making plans to travel around the world together!

It is said that you see birds before you see land, so when you see your friends and acquaintances living your dream, don’t be jealous of them. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, feel happy for them and grateful that they are appearing in your reality. It means that you are filled with love, and love is what you attract, in the form of others finding it!

Not all dreams are prophetic, not all dreams manifest, and negative dreams should not affect you. But sometimes dreams can be indicative of what is taking place in your subconscious mind that, if persisted on, may manifest.

I will once again use the example of my breakup, not because it’s a pleasant one, but because I think it is very strong. 

Long before my breakup, years, even, my fears and doubts started appearing in my nightmares. I would dream of the exact way my partner eventually broke up with my in reality, but at the time it felt completely absurd to us because it was far away from our happy reality.

You may have had dreams that eventually hardened into facts. I’ve dreamt of getting money at night, and then ended up getting the same amount during the day. I’ve dreamt of specific people I hadn’t spoken to in years who called me a couple of days later. 

Many people who manifest the person who want into their life first dream of them.

If you keep having general romantic dreams, or positive dreams of the person you want, then take it as a good sign and persist on the good feeling.

If, on the other hand, you have negative dreams that show you your fears and insecurities, don’t worry. Instead you can use them to decipher what your subconscious mind is focusing on, or they can even be telling you that you are releasing the negative energy and the old story to make space for your new reality.

If you have raised your vibration, you’re feeling happy with your life, you go about your day with confidence, and you’ve gotten rid of the worries and anxieties, you can be sure that your every desire is on its way!

Being worry-free and certain about your manifestations is the best way for them to come in. You have mastered the “art of allowing”, as Abraham Hicks calls it. You aren’t looking everywhere for your desire. Instead, you’re feeling peaceful, calm, happy and certain.

You get your desire when you live in the end and persist in the state of the wish fulfilled. Think about it: if you were with your dream partner right now, how would you feel? Secure, calm, enthusiastic, serene, blissful, right? This is the state you want to achieve before your soulmate arrives.

Do things that you love and lay your trust with the universe and the power within you. Oftentimes the way you feel about your desire is a better indication for your process than any other material sign.

If you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry! It takes time to work on yourself and recreate your life, but it’s a process that’s totally worth it. Eventually you’ll realize that you have to do it for you, and not to attract someone else.

Last but not least, you have to be in a state of self-love. In order to attract love you have to already feel abundant in love. You can’t attract it when you’re in a state of lack, neediness and emptiness. In order to attract the feeling of being loved by someone else, you first have to feel loved within you.

Self love is incredibly important to manifest any desire in your life. You need to learn how to accept, appreciate, forgive and nurture yourself. Even if you manage to get into a relationship before building a strong foundation of self love, there is a high chance that it will not last, because eventually the other person will feel the neediness you project out.

Neediness is the opposite of self-love, so take the time to work on yourself. Become happy in your own skin, without expecting anyone else to complete you. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have!

Again, don’t rush it. Remember that this is all a process that takes time, and it flows differently for each person. Be gentle with yourself, forgive your past mistakes, and leave space for relapses.


Here is one last piece of advice: soulmate signs from the universe are wonderful indicators of where you are right now, but don’t go specifically looking for them. If you’re open to receiving these signs, you will get them just because you’re focusing on them, and they may not necessarily mean anything. Focus on your desire, know that it is done, and let it go. The signs will come on their own, and only you can know their true meaning when they do.

Love is the most wonderful thing in the world, and you can definitely bring it into your life. However, the most important kind of love relationship you will have to work on is the one you have with yourself. After that, everything else will follow and unfold magically!

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