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Episode 12 – Why Insecurities Are Nonsense

Under the Bodhi Tree

Episode 12 - Why Insecurities Are Nonsense
You're ugly, vain, short, tall, skinny, fat, useless, et al. When insecurities creep up on you do this...
Under the Bodhi Tree
Under the Bodhi Tree
Episode 12 – Why Insecurities Are Nonsense

Podcast Transcript

Snippet (00:02):

But you felt that God gave him the entire f&#king deck. (Tommy P laughs) Oh my God, what bullsh!t is that? Right? But that’s just life, that is just life.

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Tommy P. (00:41):

Welcome to Under the Bodhi Tree with Tommy P hope everyone’s doing well today. Keeping your hands washed. And most importantly, covering their f&#king mouths when they’re coughing and sneezing. So let’s get right into it. Get into the content. No commercials, no ads, no nothing on why being insecure is abso… f&#king …lutely stupid. I’m not tall enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not thin enough. Oh, I wish I had a head full of hair. I wish my hair color was so and so. This is so f&#king unfair. This is an asinine sh!t to say, look, no matter how much you want something that ends up being outside of yourself, even when you do achieve it or when it comes to fruition, it’ll never truly make you happy to your core.

Real Happiness (02:05):

Real happiness comes from the inside. Yeah, I know it sounds hokey cause everyone is f&#king saying it now, but it’s true. It comes from deep down below that belly. Take a look at it from this perspective, I’ve always had this view. I’ve always had this view. I remember when I was probably when I first gained consciousness and aware of where the f&#k I’m at on this planet earth. My first question that popped in my head was, wow. I was outside in the grass, looking at the sun or not looking directly at the sun, but in the sky. And the sun was really, um, very shiny that day. But that was my first thought, wow, what is this thing called life, it’s so f&#king awesome. This grass feels so f&#king good. (Tommy P laughs)

We’re More Than This Sack of Skin (03:20):

So the thought and the frame of mine that I usually remind myself on a daily basis when I slipped way too deep into reality or the physical reality of what is in front of us is that we are all just spiritual beings. Living out this human experience, we will live up to a certain time. And then we are gone, segue into this is that people forget that we’re all going to f&#king die. And that’s not to say it in a negative way. It’s the truth, facts over feelings. We’re all going to f&#king croak. Some of us more elegant than others (Tommy P laughs).

Our Existence (04:18):

But let’s say that we live to a thousand years old, but there was a time before that. And there was a time after… there will be a time after you’re gone. So by that logic, we must’ve came from somewhere, right. We didn’t just… did not exist and out of nowhere existed, we came from somewhere, a spiritual essence somewhere. Like if I gave you a slice of Apple pie and I asked you, where do you think that Apple pie came from? You would say something along the lines of you’re f&#king crazy Tommy P? It came from an apple pie, a whole of an apple pie. And now I got a slice of the apple pie. So analogously and similarly we are source energy. We are an extension of God. We are a part of God because we came from God. Does that not make sense?

Attitude of Gratitude (05:23):

So the remedy (to feeling insecure) for this is very simple is to count your blessings, right? It’s so many things that could have gone wrong with us. But in spite of that, we’re doing just fine. If you have eyes, be grateful that you’re able to see, cause there’s many people out there that are blind. There are some people out there that suffer from kidney failure and their body is not able to filter waste and other toxic crap in your blood because your kidney doesn’t work. So now these people are forced to go through a treatment called hemodialysis and they have to do it two to three times a week. I’ll spare you how graphic that could sound. You can look it up if you want to, it’s not a fun process and you have to be there for quite a long time. So if you have a working kidney, be thankful of that, be thankful and count your blessings for the things that are going well in your life. Because the more you focus on things that is working for you and that makes you happy and you truly feel grateful about. More of those things will show up in your life. More of the things to be grateful for in many facets of your life, many wonderful experiences. Be thankful that you were not born somewhere where you die early or famine is a thing, or disease and virus is rampant. Be thankful that you are healthy. Be thankful that you have a roof over your head, just practice gratitude on a daily basis. There’s so many things that could’ve gone wrong with us, but in spite of that, and despite that. Hey, we’re doing just fine, right?

More Gratitude (07:55):

If you have a job right now, be grateful that you have a job in times like this, that you’re able to provide for yourself and your family. If your parents are around, be grateful that they are there because many people out there don’t. Be grateful that have limbs, working limbs legs that take you around. And arms to hug or slap people be grateful because some are not as fortunate as you.

Joe Rogan’s Crisis (08:39):

So I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast and he was talking about this and he was talking about how he growing up. Uh, he had issues with losing his hair at a very young age and it was sh!tty. And it sucks because you don’t know what you have sometime or appreciate what you have until you lose it. Right? When you’re young, for some of us men out there… luscious, beautiful hair, and then out of no where we started losing our hair. For those of you that do have a head full of hair, be grateful. But for those of us that lose our hair. We just feel like, what the hell? Now what? Come on, this is bullsh!t. And… Like Joe Rogan, he used products, minoxidil, Propecia, and he had hair surgery as well. Yeah. And he said that he was so glad that when he shaved off his hair, that f&#king feeling was just freeing.

Seeking for Something Outside of You (09:50):

A lot of people. They always think that it’s something outside of them that will make them happy. Right? Maybe a physical attribute. Maybe, oh, if you have a car, a nice car, maybe you had more money. Maybe if you were more sexually appealing to the opposite sex and you think that’s going to make you happy it’s not, not real happiness, faint and short term happiness. Sure. But it won’t last because it’s something that is outside of you, right? You get the car that you always wanted and now it gets dirty and you don’t want to clean the car or it gets messy or the tire went out or this or that. And then you forget to be grateful about the car, right? It was always about your mindset and how you remind yourself to be grateful and count your blessing every f&#king time.

What You Focus On (10:51):

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, negativity or positivity. Depends on your perspective. The more you focus on the negative sh!t in life, the more of those things come. Ever notice when you wake up and you bump your freaking foot against the bed frame, and then the rest of your day is shot. But when you wake up, you might bump your foot against the bed frame, but you shake it off. Okay? Whatever. You have to remember, it’s how you choose to respond to a situation. Don’t allow yourself to react or act on impulse. It’s how you respond. Sh!t don’t go your way. Oh, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe there’s something better for me out there. Right? Have a positive mindset. Immediately switch that sh!t up. Don’t allow that negativity to f&#king occupy that space in your mind, grow a f&#king garden up there. Beautiful blooming garden. Not the weeds. Take that sh!t off. Weeds are the negativity. Pull that sh!t out and replace it with a beautiful botanical garden.

Things That You Can Control (12:09):

The basis of stoic philosophy is this… Things that are outside of your control, that you can’t change. Learn to accept them and things that you can do so, but don’t overdo it. So it’s very similar to how the serenity prayer is. I think it’s God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and change the things that I can and something, something. And ya know, know the difference between the two, completely paraphrasing it wrong. Just look it up, Google it.

Thanks Joe Rogan (12:52):

So let’s go back to what Joe Rogan said that had a profound, f&#king stickiness and effect on me. He was talking about how God, source, whatever you want to believe out there. You might’ve felt that God, source, energy or whatever dealt you a terrible hand at the poker table. You probably got a f&#king two and f&#king three and you’re walking around town and you see some f&#king dude thick head of hair, 6’3” chisel f&#king jaw, chisel f&#king abs. He is the epitome of beauty and sexual desirability, but you felt that God gave him the entire f&#king deck. (Tommy P laughs)

Such is Life (13:50):

Oh my God, what bullsh!t is that? Right? But that’s just life, that is just life. And many people attribute their sexual desirability to their looks, hence, plastic surgery. And let’s say that you do get that plastic surgery to fix something. And if you’re lucky enough to have a successful surgery, you might be so inclined to find flaws or other flaws about yourself to fix more. But honestly, if it’s just minor things and you’re able to change it and accept it as is and learn to accept everything else then you’ll be fine. Overdoing any one thing is terrible. Accept the things that you cannot change and change the things that you can.

Tommy P. Has Something to Say to You (14:44):

I’m going to say this to you, my listeners. It’s going to sound hokey, corny, might make you feel awkward or cringy right here, but it must be said because it’s f&#king true. You are UNIQUE. You are experiencing consciousness for a reason. God put you here for a reason. For what reason? I don’t f&#king know, meditate on it, but you are f&#king special. You have certain qualities and attributes to you that no one else f&#king has. Your upbringing, your mentality, the way you are, your gesture, your talent, your gifts, it’s all unique to you. You just got to find what that is and run with it. So whatever cards you felt that was dealt to you, take that sh!t, live your hundred year. If you’re lucky enough and roll with it, do the best that you can with the cards that you were given. Because right now, trying to be something that you’re not, like that freaky Friday bullsh!t, is currently not possible or technologically available. Accept yourself for who you are. Happiness comes from deep within you, not outside.

Conclusion (16:16):

Alright, so that concludes today’s episode, episode number 12. I can’t believe it’s episode number 12. I say that with every episode, because I don’t think I would make another one (Tommy P laughs). But yes, if you like this kind of content, please check me out on YouTube, higher self concepts over there, and also higher self concepts dot com that’s concepts, plural with an S I have very interesting stuff on there. I’m still working on it. It’s a solo man project. I’m going to have to recruit some people to help me here, but I love doing these kinds of f&#king podcasts and I’ll be doing some recording soon. I’m so excited. And let me sign off here by saying thank you very much for listening. And I hope you have a splendid f&#king day. And remember you are f&#king UNIQUE. Until next time, this is Tommy P. Under the Bodhi Tree. Peace, the f&#k out.

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Tommy P.
Tommy P.

My very first thought when I became aware of my very own consciousness in this earthly world was... "whoa... why are we here? what's the meaning or purpose to life?" I was never able to shake these questions... So come join me on my podcast of rants on many different topics that will assist you in seeing things through a rose-colored lens and on living a life of well-being.

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